Glentoran Girls win again

Today’s match report comes courtesy of young Emma “wee bear” Neill. I’ve been very nervous about this one as Emma can be unpredictable at times but when Emma steps onto a football pitch her funny, quirky personality is left on the touch line and replaced by a desire to do the best she can. Emma is a real wee character who is a much loved member of our group, so here goes, mistakes and all…”Hi my name is Emma I am 8 years old well nearly 9 and I love football. My favourite team is Glentoran and my favourite player in the world is Ronaldo he is a really famous player and has good feet work. My favourite position is striker sure it is everybodys favourite is it not. I enjoy playing football because of my team thats my mates. I play for Glentoran girls because my friend Rhianna got me into it then my dad became the coach then I loved it. I were number 29 because it is my birthday and Jordan Stewarts number so I thought it woud bring me some good luck. I hope to play for Glentoran girls the senior team. Today I got kicked on the ankle and half of my team got hurt. These are the people who got injured Rhianna Chloe Nina Katie are hope your all ok. Well we played very well and we won 7-3 Eva got 1 Nina 2 Emma 2 Katie 1 Rebecca 1 and I scored from the half way line and Billy Clarke was there to see our performances. Yous all played good today and my player of the week is….Nina. She played supperb she was unreal and Rhianna’s footwork is amazing. Eva well done you chased back. Rebecca and Sophie a big well done to yous brilliant defence and Katie and Chloe and everyone your just as good as always. I’m super proud of all of you’s and that is my match... read more

Glentoran Girls 12-0 Ards Boys Academy

This weekend’s match report is courtesy of a member of the Glentoran Girls academy and here it is. So here it is, our much anticipated match report from today’s game by one of our most popular girls who does things on a football pitch that most people can only dream of. Aimee is a joy to coach, congratulations on your hat trick today “My name is Aimee Johnston, I’m 12 years old and I play for Glentoran Girls u 13s. My favourite player is Cristiano Ronaldo and my favourite team is Real Madrid. I really enjoy playing football and I love playing for Glentoran as all my team mates are really friendly. My favourite position is midfield and I would love to be good enough to keep playing for Glentoran when I’m older. Today’s match was against Ards boys Academy. We won 12-0. Star scored the first goal, Rebecca scored the second, Aimee, Lauren and Freya then scored to make it 5-0 at half time. In the 2nd half Aimee scored 2 more and Freya scored 2 more. Jaime Lee, Rebecca and Lucy added further goals to make it 12-0. Everyone played really well and we scored some really good goals. It was hard to keep track of who all scored so I hope I got it right.... read more

Glentoran reserves 3-3 Portadown Reserves

Well, what exactly can one say after observing that? For once I’m actually lost for words other than to say that lightning appears to have struck twice as this game – played against the same opponents – had a similar & eerie outcome to the one played earlier in the season at Shamrock Park. Well I don’t have the same amount of time on my hands that I normally allow myself on a Saturday night so I suppose we’d better get straight down to business! This game actually opened up with almost complete Glentoran dominance. In fact we hadn’t too long to wait before Mark Hillen almost enjoyed an early slice of the action whereas he forced the Portadown keeper into performing a dribble motion across his goal with the ball at his feet, although this could well have had severe repercussions for the Ports due to their goalkeepers act of tomfoolery had Mark have managed to dispossess him! Soon afterward, we really did manage to piece together a couple of really well worked moves. Most notably when Willie Garrett managed to single out young Lee Chapman on the right wing with a brilliantly executed ball from all of twenty yards. Lee, latched onto this like a leech, sprinted into the far right of the box then dispatched a real telling ball cut across the area. Mark Hillen, in fine form last night, seemed to touch it out in the direction of that class act Mason McSorley, whom, standing on the verge of the eighteen yard box, controlled it, before attempting a lovely curled effort that unfortunately just hovered by the left hand post! Great movement all round though! In yet another great fluent attack, this time the awesome Mason McSorley played out his role rather splendidly as chief architect, when his great ball located young Lee Chapman, once again, in an almost identical position on the right wing – Lee once again cleverly drilled it across the danger area but as it reached Danny McKee, our out-of-sorts striker completely miscued in front of the goal, the ball made it’s way over to the far post where Mark Hillen’s predatory instincts seized upon the opportunity but unfortunately he just narrowly blazed it wide of the left hand post! Young Stephen McCullough made a great pulsating run down the left hand wing, managing in the process to land a very dangerous ball into that red zone, but the Portadown defence... read more

Adam Calvert Interview

Q1.How have you found the season so far? It has been a tough season, with a lot of ups and downs, but hopefully we can hit good form going into a busy Christmas time and into the new year. Q2.Can you tell us a bit about your career to date? I started if playing for Ridgeway Rovers when I was 6 and played there for 10 years before moving to Linfield for a year and a half, then I move to the glens last Christmas. Q3.What would you say is your best position? I would say my best position would be between left-back and defensive midfield, but I’m also comfortable in centre back Q4.What is the strongest part of your game? I think defending would be the strongest part of my game, followed by passing. Q5.Outside of football what other activities would you take part in? I spend a lot of my time at church and organisations to do with church. Q6.The Irish League is full of players that have had uncles or fathers play for teams what about your family have they had any history with the league? My uncle, Philip Mitchell, previously played for various irish league teams, including the Glens. Q7.Who would you model your game on the most I think I would be quite a similar player to Philip Lahm as I play quite like him and also play the same positions as him. Q8.Who would be the best player you have played against? A young right winger who I played against in the milk cup, he played for Watford. He was very skilful and fast, so he was difficult to play against. Q9.Have you noticed any difference in training levels since you moved up to the reserve squad? I have noticed the standard of the training is a lot higher and much more intense, but I feel I’ve become fitter and became a better player. Q10.What are your hopes for the next couple of years? I hope that I will be able knock on the door of the first team and them have a position nailed down on the team soon after. I know it will be hard work to get there but I’m prepared to put in the effort to achieve... read more

Glentoran Reserves 5-4 Larne Tech Old Boys(Intermediate Cup)

This game proved to be a massive titanic struggle: As it evidently turned out, a magnificent game of football from the minute that this utterly out of his depth referee blew his whistle for the game to commence right to the compelling climax! This game actually opened up with an opening goal in favour of our opposition! Larne Tech – whom incidentally proved themselves most formidable opponents throughout the entire ninety minutes just as I had originally predicted – crashed an unstoppable shot deep with the Glentoran net that all stemmed from the left after we failed in our efforts to cut out a cross from that same wing! Nevertheless, although the goal was taken well, we have only ourselves to blame! However, in this pulsating cut & thrust Cup Tie – it was not destined to remain that way for long. That marvellous young prospect Mark Hillen, intercepted well with the equally flamboyant Mason McSorley – Mason, in turn delivered a cunning little ball deep into the area that was snatched upon by that young eager-beaver Jordan Baxter, whom glided it deep into the very bottom left hand corner when standing unmarked at the near post! It was, nonetheless, a simply sensational finish! Spike Hill & Jim Morgan took a no-nonsense approach today – making sweeping changes, from the team that so tamely capitulated to Linfield Swifts – we seen no less than NINE changes, sending shock-waves throughout the Glentoran Seconds camp! Those promoted from the Colts, did not let the side down! We went two-one ahead after a superbly distributed ball was despatched deep into the area by the awesome Eithan Knipe, a free kick taken with such precision, that left young Baxter – a highly gifted young player- the simple task of rounding the keeper thus tucking it into the now unprotected net! All to easy for an exceptionally hungry & promising young Glentoran player blessed with the skills that this young man has to offer! But at this stage Larne Tech remained undeterred – they came roaring back with a superbly crafted goal of their own making – an absolute rocket of a shot was thus catipulted deep into our net giving the young Colts Keeper Bradley no chance whatsoever from reasonably close range! 2-2! The heavily inspired Mark Hillen, played a delightful little ball right into the path of the ‘General’ Mason McSorley – this magnificent young man – now totally dominating the midfield... read more

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