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Glentoran Reserves 5-1 Ballinamallard Reserves

It seems that I had almost forgotten what that deep inner feeling of both contentment & satisfaction actually feels like when one has achieved the upper hand, managed to ‘put one over’ the auld enemy! Good Gracious me, it seems surely like almost an eternity ago since a Glentoran Seconds team managed to secure a celebratory victory over any opposition worthy of note! However, this ‘wrong’ was ‘righted’ today – whereupon when it did eventually come, it was, just like in part of that soliloquy used by those in that old Carlsberg Beer advert – it climaxed with the immortal words ‘Worth waiting for’! We also had to endure a huge slice of the ‘uncertainty’ factor long before this match evidently got started – firstly, the original destined kick-off time for 14-00 happened to be forwarded to 14-30. Then, incredibly, the Mallards arrived at the Oval absent mindedly forgetting to bring with then their football kit! This was remedied easily enough thanks to our officials courteously providing them with black Glentoran shorts, whilst the match official in charge used common sense in so far as that he permitted their eleven players to wear a mixture of both blue – blue/white stripped jerseys in this reserve fixture today! Still, fair play to all parties concerned – a somewhat strange opening inception, but at least we had a game to look forward to after all the fuss had died down! In many such previous reports I have actually opened up, after the initial introduction, with a phrase such as ‘We stormed out onto the glorious Oval turf with a spring in our step’ or perhaps words to that effect – however, today, such a phrase could righteously be justified – for we genuinely did! Quite simply, we where quite simply awesome as an attacking force from the offset! Our mindset from the moment that the referee indeed blew his whistle to commence proceedings was indeed the correct one – we treated this game, if we happened to be army, as an operation of war! Our bright opening seen the Ducks completely bombarded under a series of intensive Glentoran attacks – Perhaps, the first real half chance within the game surfaced when Danny McKee found himself almost in the role of free agent – a sublime ball thus had landed at the feet of Danny whilst thence on the edge of the eighteen yard box. Danny, initially, performed the spade work by... read more

Bangor 6-1 Glentoran Seconds

Now as this result has already been (rather thankfully, may I hastily add) broadcast on-line here, I take the view that a match report of any sort is not necessarily required tonight due to the fact that this is solely a forum dedicated to the exploits of the Glentoran seconds. Now, as the meaning of the word ‘Exploit’, according to my dictionary, that being, the ‘Collins English Dictionary- 21st century addition’ in descriptive terminology reads as thus: “A notable deed or feat, one that is heroic” Moreover, as not so much as one syllable of this noble sentence applied to our overall performance today, thence it is with with deep reluctance that I feel that rather than type out some excuse for a match report in which at least ninety per cent shall concentrate or else feature upon mainly Bangor attacks, much better instead, or at least I think, to carry out a brief analysis of the game. This, of course, shall be written primarily from a Glentoran supporters point of view. Firstly, I suppose I must point out that it wasn’t all doom & gloom: We actually did manage to produce a couple of ‘positives’ even if that particular factor remained few & far between. One of the most satisfying aspects, from the Glentoran perspective that is, subsequent within the game came in the highly spirited performance given by young Johnny Dallas. Johnny give a highly polished display throughout, at times you’d have thought that the ball was glued to his foot such was his almost uncanny control of the ball. I also thought that young Cameron Scates give a fine comprehensive defensive individual performance throughout, moreover in the first half with some well finely-tuned interventions, and, as when the situation so warranted it, distributive of some bone-crunching tackles. However, as regrettable as it – that is about as far as it gets with the ‘positive factor’ as to be perfectly honest we quite simply dissipated in a hail of fire power enunciated by our our much more wily, hence experienced first division opposition. As regular readers on-line shall only be too aware: I happen to be a tremendous fan of both our mid-field General Mason McSorley alongside his colleague Ciaran Clougherty – Nonetheless neither participant lived up to expectation today , neither man stamped their sole authority on the game at a time when our first team are crying out for creative midfield combatants, although I still... read more

Glentoran reserves 2-1 Ballymena United

An excellent game of football played out at the Oval yesterday evening although I must state that the most pleasing element for me happened to be the overall solid performance given by the wee Glens after coming in for a barrage of severe criticism after their somewhat uncharacteristic poor display given in their last last outing at the Coleraine Showgrounds. However, by contrast, normal service & proper order was seemingly restored last night whereupon not only did we manage to collect those three valuable points but managed to distribute a thoroughly professional performance in the attainment of those points. However, another highly pleasing factor that must be brought to the readers attention happened to be the presence of our newly appointed first team manager Mr Alan Kernoghan. I must say, that I have been highly impressed so far to date by Mr Kernoghan – he came across well in the interview that I, like so many others, watched on the Glens TV – we witnessed an embodiment of confidence, correct attitude, professionalism, whilst most importantly, especially for this section – a vital component that he happened to mention is that he intends to build for the future centered upon the emphasis of youth. Sweet music to the ears, that’s the sort of grand homily that can strike a chord with us, one that we can all fully appreciate on-line here. Nevertheless, to return to other events at the Oval last night – this entertaining spectacle of a match between the wee Glens & Ballymena Utd produced it’s first noteworthy moment as little as five minutes gone on the referees watch: after the ball happened to be somewhat haphazardly hooked away by a yellow shirt (The sky blues where playing in yellow last night) deep inside his own area, this poor clearance was automatically snatched upon by the young dynamic presence of Dylan Elliot – Dylan, strided onto the eighteen yard box thus unleashed a fine daisy churner toward the target, however this was gathered reasonably comfortably by the Ballymena keeper although I think Dylan had more time than what he initially thought, had he chosen to take the ball slightly further whereby would surely have made life much more difficult for the Ballymena custodian. Shortly there afterward, the awesome Mason McSorley became the victor in a bone-crunching encounter practically on the right of the pitch with one of our yellow-cladded opponents – Mason intelligently, systematically rolled the ball across... read more

Halloween Horror 5

Certainly turned out to be a true Halloween horror show all right, unfortunately, though, we happened to be the ones on the receiving end of it. To merely describe this performance as a bitterly disappointing one, masks a complete understatement. With the exception of a bright opening start, obviously resulting in a false dawn, we offered a completely & utterly pitiful performance throughout large intervals within this game. I’m not going to waste my time writing any such report on this shambolic lame duck excuse for a performance that , as a Glentoran fan, I would simply border on the ridiculous attempting to paper over cracks as wide as those normally caused by an earth shattering tremor! Waken up wee Glens! Your fans, albeit small maybe in number, deserve much, much better than what we witnessed today! Defeat we can openly take but we most definitely shall not settle for annihilation nor humiliation :We expect a vastly improvised display in our next outing scheduled for November 11 when we encounter Ballymena Utd! We’ll leave it at that! For those interested today: Glentoran Seconds – 1/ Bradley Garland 2/ George Gray 3/ Kai Wardlow 4/ Matty Boyd 5/ Adam Calvert 6/ Cieran Clougherty 7/ Jonny McCaw 8/ Jack Mallin 9/ Dee Fearon 10/ Mason McSorley 11/ Dylan Elliot. Subs – Conor McCaughey & Jack... read more

Glentoran Reserves 4-0 Warrenpoint Town

Nothing quite to stir the blood last night, more like a stroll in the park would probably be a more fairer analysis of this match. I thought that Warrenpoint never seriously pressurised us, we seemed quite happy to stroke the ball about without ever having to break sweat, we never managed to quite get out of first gear simply because we never needed to. A much shortened post compared to others that I have contributed to on-line here but unfortunately Thursday nights does not suit me when it comes to typing out attention to detail reports. We had quite a few first team players in the squad last night but it happened to be one of our more regular young reservists whom opened up the scoring for the wee Glens, Dylan Elliot. Young Joe Mulholland set him on his merry way after he dispatched a killer of a ball that simultaneously singled out Dylan – the young ace powered his way into the box, in the process unleashed a fierce drive that ended up in the right hand corner of the ‘Point net. We took a two-lead after the ‘Point keeper failed to deal appropriately with an in-swinging corner as he seemingly fisted the ball into his own net although he was surrounded at the time by a cordon of Glentoran jerseys. One of our more constructive moves that we built in this first half came courtesy of a fine ball played out to the left by Nial Henderson that picked out young Dylan Elliot – Dylan, streamed into box before distributing a fine little ball aimed at the near right hand post – this, in turn, was met by Jim O’Hanlon whom attempted a clever little ‘flick’ toward the target but the ball rose, just narrowly evaded the crossbar. The second half produced two more goals, one for Joe Mulholland whilst deep inside the oppositions zone whereas reasonably close range he side-footed the ball past the hapless ‘Point keeper into the net. Dylan Elliot secured his brace after he once again galloped into the box, thus tucking the ball away into ‘Point net for another fine finish. I thought that our young striker Dee Fearon showed some nice enterprising productive touches throughout the game last night: Young Joe Mulholland also give a fine performance, Dylan took his brace well whilst heavily involved in other instances of action, although in all honesty these where few & far between. Adam... read more

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