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Glentoran Reserves 3-2 Ballynahinch

Personally speaking I think it righteously appropriate to pass comment that the past forty-eight hours within my lifespan have basically centralized around a Bonanza of football that has involved Glentoran Football Club, although albeit it at slightly different levels, this has provided me with an ideal opportunity to openly write about young Glentoran starlets of the not so distant future that few, if any, or at least at this early stage of their career, have yet to hear tell off. The latter sentiment would largely be accordingly applied more so to the under 17’s team from the Academy but given their endeavour that I openly witnessed, I promise my best efforts to bring this to an end. Nevertheless, whilst both games provided the supporter with an abundance of sheer entertainment it is the antics & frolics of our second string that we solely concentrate on-line here. I honestly don’t believe that I have ever opened with a more prophetic introductory post than the one that initially started this thread: Today, we happened to be treated to a grand old fashioned cup tie in the true sense contained within that well worn out old phrase. As always, a warm welcome was extended when I waltzed into close Glentoran quarters by Mr Jason Hill, alongside his highly capable staff Mr Glen Murray, Mr Andrew Jenkins & Mr Aidrain Hill. I said my hellos, wished the team well, then made my way out onto the terraces to stand alongside my fellow Glentoran brethern. As I stated much earlier, no team has ever ever been granted the right to Lord over the other on mere status – if one craves victory then that victory must be won outright by the much more cunning operative swordsman on the day. It happened to be our opponents, Ballynahinch Utd – resembling more the ‘Villa’ than ‘Utd’ with that claret & blue kit – that almost scratched first-blood after a fine run by one of their number that proceeded down the right-wing – after he ghosted his way past young defender Adam Calvert he launched a highly inviting penetrative ball deep toward that of the left hand post: This ball was thus subsequently met by one of their ilk whom attacked it first time, nonetheless this aerial raid resulted in his header plummeting wayward from the left hand post! An early scare! Nevertheless one from which we swiftly gathered our composure thus replied with one of our... read more

Glentoran Seconds 1-2 Linfield Swifts

I find it increasingly hard to motivate myself to actually go to the trouble as to write one of these so called ‘reports, moreover when my team haven’t played particularly well thereby have basically fallen short of maintaining those those high standards expected before the game actually kicked off. Still, I suppose if I don’t type something out I’ll stand accused of falling into that ‘You only sing when you’re winning’ bracket. However, I’ve decided to cram both halves into one post. This game of reserve football happened to be far from a classic: In actual fact, one could write about the overall action that occurred in the second half on the back of a postage stamp. The bitterest pill to swallow though is having to reluctantly concede the open fact that the better team won on the night. My wife happens to have strong Linfield connections on her side of the family so it came as no surprise that she inquired about last nights result on my return home. “Well, she asked, How did you lot do tonight”? ” About as well as your first team” came my reply, although to be perfectly honest I was secretly seething deep inside but managed to discipline myself in such a manner that would not openly show it. The game actually opened with an abundance of great promise: An almost hysterical frenzied start induced fierce tackles from both sides, the ball frantically being swept from one end of the pitch to the other although no real clear glaring opportunities created by either but the kind of football best reserved when local rivals meet one another on the battlefield. I thought that our defence – consisting of Connor Malcolmson, Cameron Skates, Adam Calvert, Carter Savage & Karl Hamill where, at times, absolutely outstanding last night. I thought that Goalkeeper Connor & centre half Carter give extremely creditable performances. They give exemplary displays at the heart of the defence. It was Linfield though that came closest to taking the lead after some fine approach work that originated from the centre of midfield – the play had, by this time, switched to the left of the wing – when the ball happened to be eventually whipped into our area a swift shot deep inside our box forced Goalkeeper Malcolmson into a splendid reactionary save – the first of many that he was called upon to make last night in this opening half. However It... read more

Glentoran Reserves 2-1 Dungannon Swifts Reserves

As I happened to find myself in the process of leaving the Oval this afternoon, loitering about outside this famous old ground as I hereby awaited upon my wife to collect me – an elderly Gentleman walking his canine companion approached me whom uttered the words ” Looks like you’ve missed the boat today fellow, – are you not supposed to be at Windsor Park”? I, almost blushingly, smiled at him, giving an overall assurance that I was indeed departing the correct destination, thereafter informed him verbally that nowadays my preference for entertainment lies primarily with our second string, the old Gentleman – a one time season ticket holder himself- told me that, due to what he had observed this season, it appeared that I was not a bad judge! Nevertheless, if he had somehow managed to stray into the Oval this afternoon to cast his eye over this reserve fixture – he might well certainly have been impressed given our statistical possession factor, this does not take into consideration the overall clear cut crystal chances that we managed to create. However, our inability to take them – thus punish our opposition demonstrating the most severest of lessons, leaves a lot to be desired. Would this old Gentleman have thereby really have been impressed? I would say yes, but only barely. Should this match report have been written in an orderly fashion in a similar manner to that of an end of term report as written by a head teacher I would write; ” Pupil shows great promise & potential but much improvement needed if final aim is to reach the top of the class”! The game itself commenced at an almost lackadaisical, prosaic pace – our first real opportunity came basically courtesy from a misguided pass from the left of the area from a Swifts jersey that bobbled over toward the figure of the highly instrumental Johnny McGaw, centrally positioned on practically the half-way line. With an astonishing burst of sheer raw pace, Johnny powered his way toward goal – as we on the terraces were roaring for him to release the ball – this fabulous young man ever so delicately despatched a rather delightful little pass into the direction of the young striker Dee Fearon, whom, reacting like a bloodhound on a major scent, had descended into the box – his final shot just whisked past the left hand post! A Glentoran Seconds report can never be... read more

Glentoran Reserves 1-1 Ballinamallard United Reserves

Good heavens above – just how on earth does one possibly begin to open this report? I think it only appropriate that we should emphasize the rather important statistic that those lucky enough to be in attendance today happened to be treated to one of the most enjoyable games observed by the spectator in recent years. Full congratulations must therefore be righteously forwarded toward Messrs Jason Hill, Glen Murray & Andy for their invaluable contribution to prepare these young Gladiators in such a manner as they did, to enter the Fermanagh colossuem today! However, in such a colossal contest it always takes two to tango, whereas we must not neglect to acknowledge that equally valiant role played by our Ballinamallard counterpart, Mr Scott Robinson! Incredibly when I pulled open the door handle that led directly into the Mallards Social Club, I became instantly recognizable by several of the most loyal inhabitants whom must regularly frequent that club. Incidentally, these people are the salt of the earth – decent, good down to earth football folk, always courteous to their guests – a club at no matter what level cannot survive without these people. Myself & good friend Leslie LFC enjoyed a couple of ice-cold pints in the company of these fine Gentlemen. The Mallards also kept with tradition by charging an entrance fee into these reserve matches -£3-00 to be precise. Highly commendable, I have long held the view that we should follow suit whereby take a leaf out of their book. When we eventually made the short trip from that of the social club to the practically adjacent Ferney Park – it was time for the action to begin! This thunderous affair began at the most frantic, hectic pace that I have seldom observed in many a long year! It appeared that we had two teams almost hellbent on blowing one another into oblivion! The pace in this first half never for one slackened, completely unrelentless yet at the same utterly absorbing, almost mesmerizing! First blood almost fell the Mallards way as they decisively obtained a free kick award in or about the 22 yard zone – our makeshift wall managed to sprinkle some alkaline on the acid of the would-be-killer sting, as a tremendous body-block by the magnificent Mason McSorley managed to ensure the initial well struck effort trickled safely into the hands of the Glentoran Seconds number one highly-rated young custodian, Connor Malcolmson. This game continued at... read more

Glentoran Reserves 2-0 Cliftonville Olympic

I happened to dither on two fronts as to rather to type out such a so-called ‘report’ tonight, moreover given the lapsed timescale between such a scribed submission compounded against the fact that I have deliberately chosen to write about a game that occurred last Wednesday evening! This second ‘front’ that I mentioned would surely be that what occurred back then took place ‘yersterday’! It’s old news, so to speak, who could possibly be interested? Hell, between then & what relates to the present, the Reds reserves have since secured a place in the last sixteen of the Steel & Sons Cup! Full congratulations to them BTW on this outstanding achievement! However after consultation with several good Glentoran folk, including one Director that I am close too – I thereby explained that due to my nowadays heavy workload enforced upon me within my plebeian employment, it has no longer become possible to type out these reports on a Thursday evening – then the solution was forthcoming – ” Okay, highly understandable – simply present them on a Saturday evening !” Sound advice, which has been taken aboard. Last Wednesday’s game produced some magical moments remonstrated by the sheer commitment factor as commandeered by both sets of players as they streamed forward in anticipation of triumphant victory! Nonetheless it happened to be Cliftonville whom appeared to, if casted upon as a game of mid-summer tennis, hold the ‘advantage’ point within this opening period. Cliftonville – appearing at the Oval in a bright yellow kit that might well have put our own localized DOE workers waistcoat’s to shame – Although unfortunately that was the end of the resemblance – Whilst the DOE remain basically useless & completely incompetent, this Cliftonville team on evidence were clearly not. They meant business from the off-shoot , in actual fact it did not take them long to more or less stamp their own stamp of authority on the proceedings. It must be noted that they created the first blistering series of chances amassed with half chances. At times, our defence appeared overstretched – we must take our hats off to young Connor Malcolmson, Reece Hands, Adam Calvert, Carter Savage whilst not but not least Karl Hamill – whom all played their part in the achievement obtained within a glorious Glentoran Seconds victory! Notwithstanding the fact that this young Reds team seemingly appeared to pump the ball into our area creating all types havoc & mayhem,... read more

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