Adam Calvert Interview

Q1.How have you found the season so far?
It has been a tough season, with a lot of ups and downs, but hopefully we can hit good form going into a busy Christmas time and into the new year.

Q2.Can you tell us a bit about your career to date?
I started if playing for Ridgeway Rovers when I was 6 and played there for 10 years before moving to Linfield for a year and a half, then I move to the glens last Christmas.

Q3.What would you say is your best position?
I would say my best position would be between left-back and defensive midfield, but I’m also comfortable in centre back

Q4.What is the strongest part of your game?
I think defending would be the strongest part of my game, followed by passing.

Q5.Outside of football what other activities would you take part in?
I spend a lot of my time at church and organisations to do with church.

Q6.The Irish League is full of players that have had uncles or fathers play for teams what about your family have they had any history with the league?
My uncle, Philip Mitchell, previously played for various irish league teams, including the Glens.

Q7.Who would you model your game on the most
I think I would be quite a similar player to Philip Lahm as I play quite like him and also play the same positions as him.

Q8.Who would be the best player you have played against?
A young right winger who I played against in the milk cup, he played for Watford. He was very skilful and fast, so he was difficult to play against.

Q9.Have you noticed any difference in training levels since you moved up to the reserve squad?
I have noticed the standard of the training is a lot higher and much more intense, but I feel I’ve become fitter and became a better player.

Q10.What are your hopes for the next couple of years?
I hope that I will be able knock on the door of the first team and them have a position nailed down on the team soon after. I know it will be hard work to get there but I’m prepared to put in the effort to achieve it.