Halloween Horror 5

Certainly turned out to be a true Halloween horror show all right, unfortunately, though, we happened to be the ones on the receiving end of it. To merely describe this performance as a bitterly disappointing one, masks a complete understatement. With the exception of a bright opening start, obviously resulting in a false dawn, we offered a completely & utterly pitiful performance throughout large intervals within this game.

I’m not going to waste my time writing any such report on this shambolic lame duck excuse for a performance that , as a Glentoran fan, I would simply border on the ridiculous attempting to paper over cracks as wide as those normally caused by an earth shattering tremor! Waken up wee Glens! Your fans, albeit small maybe in number, deserve much, much better than what we witnessed today!

Defeat we can openly take but we most definitely shall not settle for annihilation nor humiliation :We expect a vastly improvised display in our next outing scheduled for November 11 when we encounter Ballymena Utd! We’ll leave it at that!

For those interested today:

Glentoran Seconds –

1/ Bradley Garland 2/ George Gray 3/ Kai Wardlow 4/ Matty Boyd 5/ Adam Calvert 6/ Cieran Clougherty 7/ Jonny McCaw 8/ Jack Mallin 9/ Dee Fearon 10/ Mason McSorley 11/ Dylan Elliot.

Subs – Conor McCaughey & Jack Henderson.