Bangor 6-1 Glentoran Seconds

Now as this result has already been (rather thankfully, may I hastily add) broadcast on-line here, I take the view that a match report of any sort is not necessarily required tonight due to the fact that this is solely a forum dedicated to the exploits of the Glentoran seconds. Now, as the meaning of the word ‘Exploit’, according to my dictionary, that being, the ‘Collins English Dictionary- 21st century addition’ in descriptive terminology reads as thus:

“A notable deed or feat, one that is heroic”

Moreover, as not so much as one syllable of this noble sentence applied to our overall performance today, thence it is with with deep reluctance that I feel that rather than type out some excuse for a match report in which at least ninety per cent shall concentrate or else feature upon mainly Bangor attacks, much better instead, or at least I think, to carry out a brief analysis of the game. This, of course, shall be written primarily from a Glentoran supporters point of view.

Firstly, I suppose I must point out that it wasn’t all doom & gloom: We actually did manage to produce a couple of ‘positives’ even if that particular factor remained few & far between. One of the most satisfying aspects, from the Glentoran perspective that is, subsequent within the game came in the highly spirited performance given by young Johnny Dallas. Johnny give a highly polished display throughout, at times you’d have thought that the ball was glued to his foot such was his almost uncanny control of the ball. I also thought that young Cameron Scates give a fine comprehensive defensive individual performance throughout, moreover in the first half with some well finely-tuned interventions, and, as when the situation so warranted it, distributive of some bone-crunching tackles.

However, as regrettable as it – that is about as far as it gets with the ‘positive factor’ as to be perfectly honest we quite simply dissipated in a hail of fire power enunciated by our our much more wily, hence experienced first division opposition.

As regular readers on-line shall only be too aware: I happen to be a tremendous fan of both our mid-field General Mason McSorley alongside his colleague Ciaran Clougherty – Nonetheless neither participant lived up to expectation today , neither man stamped their sole authority on the game at a time when our first team are crying out for creative midfield combatants, although I still hold the opinion that both shall go onto represent our first team at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later. As a regular observer of the Glentoran seconds, I know well just how good these two can be on their day.

Now, before anyone takes careful aim thus with bayonets fully raised come charging in my direction like John Wayne & his horse, yes, I am only too well aware that this happened to be only ‘a friendly’ today, however, seldom have I observed such a poor overall Glentoran Seconds performance. It appeared as if we had surmounted the ‘white flag’ of surrender practically from the point that the referee blew his whistle!

We basically crumbled today as a unit, although I must ask the question : Just how the hell was Bangor’s extremely talented young individual Gerard McMullan allowed to be released from the Oval at the beginning of this season without so much as a whimper or murmur of resistance by those in charge of second team affairs? Gerard, whom almost singlehandedly tore us asunder today with a series of well orchestrated self planned attacks, we not only struggled in a capacity to deal with him, we also simultaneously experienced great difficulty in not only preventing his creativity but found we couldn’t so much as temporarily stem it!

Finally, it should be noted that Mr Alan Kernaghan happened to be present today. Indeed, not only present but very much active in todays affairs. Mr Kernaghan not only roared & shouted like a Lion from the sidelines but very much give the half-time team talk that actually occurred on the pitch during the half-time interval. I have never seen a man so animated, at times, he seemed to be close to be blowing a gasket!

I fully understand were the man in charge of first team affairs is coming from: we have now conceded twelve goals in the last two games that we have played, friendly or otherwise. Regardless of ‘development’ it simply is just not good enough!

Such late inadequate performances would never have been tolerated during the Spike Hill & Jim Morgan Glentoran seconds era – we expect a similar tautological response from the other Mr Hill nowadays at the helm. We need much improvement & we need it fast!

Glentoran Seconds –

1/ Conor Malcolmson 2/ Reece Hands 3/ Adam Calvert 4/ Calum Birney 5/ Cameron Scates 6/ Kristain Gibson 7/ Ciaran Clougerty 8/ Johnny McGaw 9/ Cole ( Signed from Distillery- as of yet I don’t know his surname) 10/ Mason McSorley 11/ Johnny Dallas.

Subs – Andy Foster, Jack Mallon, Dee Fearon, Jack Graham, ( the keeper Malcolmson was replaced at half time but I am unaware of the lads name)