Portadown Reserves v Glentoran Seconds

Well, what the hell does one say after watching that? What we witnessed last night was quite simply incredible. It must surely be stated that from the neutral point of view this game had everything one could possibly wish for in a game of football: Some really fabulous fast moving football moves created mainly by ourselves: An utterly pitiful performance from last night’s referee: A ten man Ports team somehow coming back from the dead & cause us embarrassment when, to be perfectly frank, they should have been blown into complete oblivion: A seemingly unconditional surrender of a game by ourselves, one that our dominance was such that it could not be brought into question! And last but not least this game played in front of a reasonably sized crowd, with rival supporters both displaying traits of hostility toward one another! We started this game more or less the way we had finished our role as chief executioner against Ballymoney Utd in our superb Steel & Sons victory on Saturday: Our first creative move came early in the game: That superb midfield craftsman Mason McSorley, from the centre of midfield, despatched a delectable little pass to that great attack minded full back Lee Chapman. Young Lee, instinctively hooked a most inviting ball over the Port’s defence that sought out a pacy Danny McKee, whom had sprinted into the box to meet this, he connected but fired straight at the keeper who had read the situation well! It was a great opportunity though! Goalkeeper John Gunning was called into early action thus made a smart save after the highly dangerous Port’s No 9 attempted to curl one from the right of the eighteen yard box, young Gunning reacted well, smothered it, caught it cleanly. Mason McSorley showed his exceptional gifted visionary when he completely cut the Ports defence in two with a ball executed to precise precision that reached the intended target man Danny McKee but the referee blew his whistle for an off-side! We were awarded a free kick on the far left of the eighteen yard box: A most acute angle as I’m sure one could imagine. Up stepped young Stephen Boyd -who I thought had a tremendous game last night – who actually had the confidence to try his luck from that side of the pitch! As everyone expected a cross, Stephen did the unexpected hence his sensational drive just narrowly evaded the right hand post! It... read more

Glentoran Reserves v Ballymoney United

Anyone amongst the small band of us supporters whom had apprehensions or secretly harboured such disillusions today that we may not progress into the next round then, once again, due to the highly impressive motivational & tactical skills displayed by Mr Spike Hill & his most able assistant Mr Jim Morgan alongside a now highly distinguished cast of coaches we once again produced the goods! This opening first half period began with a somewhat strange -that is to us – first came all out attack. As it transpired, such tactics that were clearly & rightly endorsed were to continue throughout the entire game! Young Dylan Elliot was afforded the first opportunity as from a reasonably tight angle he fired spoon -like straight into the Ballymoney’s keeper hands as he approached from the far left of the area! Mark Hillen – today my overall man of the match- made what can only be described as a sensational run as he – through sheer aggressiveness – shrugged challenge thereafter challenge – whilst this all stemmed from the right of the field, managed to somehow pigeon his way through, make inwards toward the highly effective midfield dynamo Mason McSorley – his absolutely outstanding ultra-drive toward goal seen the ‘Money goalkeeper back-peddle but, as spectacular as this drive was, it dipped at the last moment, enabling the keeper to respond with, in fairness, an extremely most noteworthy save – one of several that this gentleman made today! Great to see Mason back from holiday- As I always feel that Glentoran Seconds do not function properly without him ! Mason, at times, can deliver balls to his colleagues that only ‘the chosen few’ can thus deliver! From the resulting right taken corner, the now firmly established Jonny Dallas – A highly gifted, nippy little player – perhaps our new version of ‘The wee Sukka’ – with a nicely delivered ball straight into the danger area caused all sorts of mayhem – his cross sought out the awesome Mark Hillen, whom in turn guided it across goal but regrettably this came to nothing as an almost entire battalion of Glentoran bodies made attempts to turn this into a goalmouth scramble whereupon ‘hit the target’ became the heresy or even better, convert this into an opening goal! Johnny Dallas played a major part in out next comprehensive move: A stunningly dispatched ball, executed with such precision that selected Danny McKee seen the latter man race into... read more

Warrenpoint Reserves v Glentoran Seconds

Mr Hill & Mr Morgan made no less than nine sweeping changes in personnel today from the team that capitulated to Linfield last Wednesday evening: It is a harsh lesson nonetheless it is a clear case that failure shall not be tolerated. We welcomed back both Colin Smith & inspirational Captain Ross Stewart (Although Ross had started against the Blues he had only returned from holiday) the latter man could be heard to play his role exceedingly well as ‘team leader’ barking out orders to his fellow colleagues on the pitch, an ingredient drastically missed last Wednesday. We started this game more than determined to stamp our authority from the word go: We give a no-nonsense display, within the first few minutes we carved out several chances perhaps the pick of the bunch stemmed when Braiden White, from the centre of midfield, lauded a beautiful ball toward Mark Hillen -nicely positioned on the left wing- continued the flow by extending a more than inviting ball onto the edge of the eighteen yard box only for young Jonny Dallas to meet it first time but unfortunately it took a wicked deflection from an outstretched ‘point leg as it appeared to be heading home! A number of chances fell to our highly esteemed striker Mark Hillen, in one instance Mark managed to latch onto a superb ball played deep from within defence, raced into the eighteen yard box, although admittedly from the far left, before managing to avoid & skip over a robustly made tackle from within this area (Had he have went down we would have surely been awarded a penalty kick) eventually he forced a good save from the ‘point No1 from a reasonably acute angle! Goalkeeper Gunning has started this season exceptionally well: This continued today. In a rare flex of the muscles the ‘Point made a ‘point’ by attempting to put him to the test: A little nodded down ball found their number twelve whom had menacingly taken this ball in his stride- pull the trigger – the shot, a good one, was rifled in at John’s near post but this was easily collected by the Glentoran custodian who just simply collected this rocket of a shot with great ease! Splendid young midfielder Ryan Mahood became the victor in a midfield tussle before cleverly laying the ball to the right of the wing, selecting new boy Jonny Dallas. In turn, this newest diamond to shine, then superbly... read more

Glentoran Seconds v Cliftonville Olympic

As supporters I think it an absolute necessity that we should make an open apology to our respective management team tonight, alongside the gallant players, as to be honest, not so much as one of us supporters that I spoke to today give this young team a snowballs chance in hell of defeating, certainly as how we seen it, as this very experienced Reds outfit. We are simply over the moon tonight that our management has inspired these fantastic young men to deliver the goods once again when demanded. We, on the terraces should have known better: We should have kept the faith and known better. This first half period opened up with a Glentoran attack within the first few minutes: Young Dylan Elliot, playing at number eleven today made great strides down the left-wing whilst managing in the process to pick out the always superb & ultra-alert Stephen Boyd, running into space from the right of the area, invariably taking up a position to that of where hence the ball had bobbled despite desperado Cliftonville attempts to clear it. Stephen struck it as clear as a sixpence, reacting naturally on the half-volley, however the Reds keeper himself proved most worthy to the effort gathering it with his hands raised high! Cliftonville are not the current reserve league Champions for no apparent reason,and when they won themselves a free kick approx 30 yards from goal, it provided Glentoran spectators alike with much anxiety. This hunch proved itself to be correct: The shot happened to be a fierce drive, cruised over the makeshift wall, but thankfully whistled slightly past the left-hand post. Mark Hillen – baring the Captain’s armband today – whose play happens to be synonymous with all out action – won us a penalty in the six yard box as he was scythed down in the six – yard box as he was about to connect from close quarters with a ball initially guided into that danger zone: Mark made no mistake from the resulting penalty spot. He blasted home with clear precision & accuracy. 1-0 the wee Glens! Cliftonville attempted to come roaring back, in one particular effort a magnificent ball played with the ‘outside’ of the Red players boot, struck from a midfield central position, managed to select – I think from memory number 10 – awaiting such a pass from the left of the wing. He, in turn, skillfully outmaneuvered his Glentoran opponent, whilst managing... read more

Queens University v Glentoran Seconds

From the very first moment upon hearing the news that we had drawn Queens University next in this competition, my face was not exactly one that lit up expressing divine happiness receiving such news – rather it was much to the contrary, very much a frown in place might be a much better descriptive coin. The reason for this would quickly become apparent if one had followed the fortunes of the Wee Glens only last season. You see, for those whom are unaware, last season it was our pleasure to combat several First Division / Second Division Championship sides that we went head to head with in two major competitions: The Steel & Sons (We finished as outright winners) whilst the other being the Intermediate Cup. (We enjoyed a reasonably good Cup run before being eliminated by Institute in the quarter final stages) Teams within these Divisions that happened to be caught victim within our spiders web were Ballyclare Comrades, Loughgall, Ards, and todays opposition Queens University. On that occasion, back then, that latter team mentioned we managed to defeat by three goals to nil on the same venue as well as in the same competition, a victory that today that they have now managed to avenge. I honestly take the view that back then they were by far the better of the aforementioned teams mentioned given the clear cut chances that they created throughout that game now confined to the history books: but today they wrote a different chapter whereby this time around they made sure that they made no mistake. We must first of all add before we go any further that todays appalling weather conditions certainly played its part in creating havoc, certainly in the ruination factor whereas any attempt to play good football simply went out the window. It quite literally became an impossibility to do so. Yet, this still proved to be an intriguing enough encounter in its own right and well worth attending. It must be noted that the first real opportunity created within this game came Queens University’s way: what we must perceive as an intended cross from the right-wing for a Queens colleague standing in the penalty box went dreadfully wayward but nonetheless put our keeper Tommy Morrow under extreme pressure but he reacted extremely well, as the wind assisted cross headed straight for the top of our net! Tommy, managed to get his hand to this effort as he back-peddled,... read more

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